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Are you dealing with limited restaurant space? Have you noticed that your restaurant is crowded frequently? What do you think about the implementation of new technology? Do you think that it is useful? Have you read about the advantages of mobility in the restaurant industry? In case you’ve answered some or all the questions affirmatively, you should know that a mobile POS solution is one of the best things that you can buy for your restaurant. These specially designed mobile devices can be easily connected to your current hardware. They can also be integrated with the software you are already using making your restaurant business more efficient than ever. Remember that we are talking about wireless connection!

It turns out that you can use modern technological solutions to motivate your employees to practice a proactive stance in payment transactions. They no longer have to go to the tables where they serve customers and back to the counter where they can input and/or retrieve info. With the help of mobile POS systems, they can conduct all these things in one place without much effort.

Studies have confirmed that modern customers want to use restaurants that implement new technology in their business. This is not a surprise because modern customers use tablets and smartphones on a daily basis and they expect restaurants to follow their steps. Modern customers are well-informed and they like to be pampered. So, if you want to run a successful restaurant business, you must follow these trends.

The best restaurants today are utilizing mobile POS devices as well as conventional POS systems in order to improve their work and enhance their service. We can all agree that both conventional and mobile POS systems have some unique advantages and when they are used together we can reap all their benefits. If you want to know more about the POS system that we recommend offered by Shopify, click here. Now let’s see how restaurant owners can expand their business, boost their ROI and enhance customer support service regardless of the size and type of their restaurant.


Upfront Costs

Additional capabilities and fewer upfront costs

The vast majority of restaurant owners are concerned about the cost of any available upgrade. In the case of mobile POS systems, there is nothing to be worried about. These devices are not costly and they are even cheaper when compared to conventional, stationary POS systems. For instance, a tablet or smartphone costs just a couple of hundreds of dollars and stationary POS systems can cost a few thousand dollars. So, a mobile POS device is an affordable addition to your current POS system. Additionally, we would like to highlight the fact that there is a low upfront cost of these devices is supported with better capabilities and features.

Fast transactions

Instead of waiting in endless lines, restaurant customers can finish transactions in any part of the restaurant. In this way, you can avoid crowds, confusion and customer complaints.

Improved customer service

Accuracy and timing are the two most important elements of good customer service. Mobile POS devices can significantly improve customer services. We have already mentioned that it can speed up the ordering process, but it is worth mentioning that it can improve order accuracy too. The waiters will have more time to interact with customers and the preparation time for the food will be reduced.

Opportunities for up-selling

Restaurant owners who use mobile POS systems know that these systems can be utilized to up-sell their meals. Due to the fact that the waiters will have more time, they will be able to recommend additional appetizers, drinks, side dishes and other things from the restaurant menu to the customers.